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Introduction—The Global Perspective

“Think global, act local,” became the business mantra of the end of the twentieth century. And it is firmly in place as the strategy for success in the twenty-first. The simplicity of the phrase, however, can lure the unsuspecting into simple-minded interpretations.

Communication is key. But it must be real communication—not just the familiar cookbook do’s and don’ts, such as

Don’t show the soles of your shoes in Saudi Arabia.

In Japan, do...


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Is where you live and work the center of the world? That’s a hard question to answer, but most likely if you think it is, it will change. Or maybe it has already changed. Or it may depend on your definition of “center:” economic, social, political, etc. In any case, as our world grows smaller and more connected, it is critical that you can spin the globe and think, just for a moment or longer, like people from other places.