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By integrating with the Identity and Access Context, both the Collaboration Context and the Agile Project Management Context avoid going their Separate Ways with respect to security and permissions. True, Separate Ways may be applied Context-wide for a specific system, but it can also be employed on a case-by-case basis. For example, one team could refuse to use a centralized security system but may still choose to integrate with some other corporate standard facilities.

The teams will cooperate with Customer-Supplier roles. There’s no way that SaaSOvation’s management will allow one team to force others to be Conformists. It’s not that a Conformist...


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Indentity and Access Context -> Collaboration Context and Agile PM Context = Customer-Supplier.
Using Open Host Service (REST/WCF... some RPC protocol) and an Anti-Corruption Layer in order to translate into terms of the contexts of the downstream BCs.