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Flickr was kind of a lark. It was a side project that we built while we were in the process of building Game Neverending. The back-end development of the game fell really far behind the front-end development, and so while we were waiting for the back end to catch up—being restless hacker types—we built this sort of instant messenger application in which you could form little communities and share objects. And we just added the ability to share photographs. So Flickr started off as a feature. It wasn't really a product. It was a kind of IM in which you could drag and drop photos onto people's desktops and show them what you were looking at. We built it really fast; we had a lot of the technology already from the game, but we built the first.


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Conference-driven-development strikes again! (See http://blog.safariflow.com/2013/02/11/conference-driven-development/)