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Rapid Reference 5.1 NASP Position Statement on Students With Learning Disabilities (2011)

  • Specific learning disabilities are endogenous in nature and are characterized by neurologically based deficits in cognitive processes.
  • These deficits are specific; that is, they impact particular cognitive processes that interfere with the acquisition of academic skills.
  • Specific learning disabilities are heterogeneous in that there are various types of learning disabilities, and there is no single defining academic or cognitive deficit common to all types of specific learning disabilities.
  • Specific learning disabilities may coexist with other disabling conditions.
  • The manifestation of a spe...


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Points to the varying types of learning disabilities. There is not a one-stop-shop for either diagnosing or treatment. So, in the school, it's not like you say, "oh, got a problem, go see Bob, he's the guy who can hook you up with a diagnosis so that you can get an IEP so that you can start getting accomodated..."