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Chapter 6. Product Backlog

In this chapter I describe the important role that the product backlog plays on a Scrum development project. I begin by describing the different types of items that typically populate a product backlog. Next I discuss four characteristics of a good product backlog and how good backlog grooming helps ensure that those characteristics are achieved. I then describe why the product backlog is a key element in managing fast, flexible flow at both the release and sprint level. I end by discussing how we determine which and how many product backlogs we should have.


The product backlog is a prioritized list of desired pro...


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As a Product Owner, another one of your primary activities is to create, prioritize, and maintain the product backlog. This lesson assists in these activities by providing you with valuable information concerning the contents of the backlog, characteristics of a good backlog, and techniques for creating a backlog with those important characteristics.