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Chapter 11. Development Team

In this chapter I describe the development team role. I begin by discussing five principal responsibilities of this role and conclude by describing ten characteristics that a development team should exhibit.


Traditional software development approaches define various job types, such as architect, programmer, tester, database administrator, UI designer, and so on. Scrum defines the role of development team, which is simply a cross-functional collection of these types of people. In particular, the development team is one of the three roles on every Scrum team. The development team’s members, collectively, hav...


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Now that you understand how the various agile roles work together, we can dive deeper into your own agile role: Team Member. Agile teams are made up of various types of people that have traditionally worked on projects. They should exhibit the skills required to deliver the business value for their particular product. But more importantly, they should exhibit a cultural fit for their team and a willingness to collaborate and follow agile principles.