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Chapter 10. ScrumMaster

In this chapter I describe the ScrumMaster role. I begin by describing the purpose of the role relative to the other Scrum roles. Then I define the principal responsibilities and characteristics of a ScrumMaster. Next I illustrate a “day in the life” of the ScrumMaster, which leads to a discussion of whether or not the ScrumMaster role is full-time. I end by describing the kind of person who typically fulfills the ScrumMaster role.


The ScrumMaster is one of the three roles that constitute every Scrum team (the others being the product owner and the development team). While the product owner is focused on ...


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Now that you understand how the various agile roles work together, we can dive deeper into your own agile role: Product Owner. Your focus is on helping the rest of the team understand Scrum values, principles, and practices and how to implement them. You will act as a coach for the development team and product owner. By understanding your role in relation to the rest of the team, you will be better equipped to provide them with the support they need to apply agile techniques.