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Chapter 16. Portfolio Planning

Most organizations want or need to produce more than one product at a time. These multiproduct organizations need a way to make economically sound choices regarding how to manage their product portfolios. They also need their portfolio management or governance processes to align well with core agile practices; otherwise, there will be a fundamental disconnect with the agile approach being used at the individual product level. This chapter lays out 11 strategies for portfolio planning, grouped by scheduling, product inflow, and product outflow. It ends with a discussion of how to determine whether or not more work should be invested in in-process produc...


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Portfolio planning involves planning for a range of products and directly involves the Product Owner and stakeholders. This level of planning has a horizon of a year or more and is necessary in any organization where more than one product is developed. Portfolio planning should align with agile concepts or disconnects will be created at the lower more tactical levels. This lesson presents several strategies you can use to assist in portfolio planning.