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Chapter 14. Scrum Planning Principles

An old myth states that development with Scrum takes off with no planning. We just start the first sprint and figure out the details in flight. This isn’t true. We do real planning in Scrum. In fact, we plan at multiple levels of detail and at many points in time. To some it may seem like Scrum deemphasizes planning because a majority of the planning occurs just in time instead of substantially up front. In my experience, however, teams often spend more time planning with Scrum than with traditional development; it just might feel a bit different.

In this chapter I expand upon several of the Scrum principles described in


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No, it is not contradiction. Planning is necessary on agile projects as well. Agile is not a 'fly by the seat of your pants' kind of activity as many might expect. The planning activities have a different focus within agile methodologies. With an understanding of these differences and the and the reasoning behind them, you will be better equipped to communicate them to stakeholders and keep your team on track.