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Chapter 21. Sprint Review

Near the end of the sprint, the team conducts two important inspect-and-adapt activities: the sprint review and the sprint retrospective. The sprint review focuses on the product itself. The sprint retrospective, on the other hand, looks at the process the team is using to build the product.

In this chapter I describe the sprint review—its purpose, its participants, and the work required to make it happen. I conclude by addressing a few common sprint review issues.


During sprint planning we plan the work. During sprint execution we do the work. During sprint review we inspect (and adapt) the r...


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The sprint review is an inspect-and-adapt activity that focuses on the product itself and provides an opportunity to get important feedback from those stakeholders that were not available throughout sprint execution. By understanding how a sprint review is conducted and its goals, you can be prepared to contribute to the review in an more effective manner.