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Chapter 9. Product Owner

In this chapter I expand the description of the product owner role. I begin by explaining the purpose of this role relative to other Scrum roles. Then I detail the principal responsibilities and characteristics of a product owner. Next I present a “day in the life” of a product owner over the course of multiple weeks. I then discuss who should be a product owner for different types of product development. I conclude by describing how the product owner role can be combined with other roles and how it can be scaled up into a product owner team.


The product owner is the empowered central point of product le...


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As product owner, your leadership and guidance are crucial to the success of the product. In this lesson, you will learn what responsibilities you hold and what attributes you need to be successful in this role. The simplest structure for product owner is a single person for a single product. However, that arrangement is not always feasible. This reading covers other possible structures and will prepare you for various scenarios you might encounter.