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At first, I wrote a simple talking clock app using the Android SDK but found it to be inflexible when it came to making tweaks to the routines. If I discovered a bug or came up with an idea to extend the program’s functionality, I had to wait until I got home to fire up my computer, run Eclipse, spin up an Android emulator, load the project, make changes to the codebase, go through a test/debug cycle in the emulator, and then push the compiled .apk file to my Android phone via the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). All that work for a few minor tweaks! Needless to say, there had to be a better way. Hence, the journey I’ll take you through in this book mirrors my own iterations that best suited m...


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I agree the expected .apk route is cumbersome for a CLI user comfortable writing a quick script for simple tasks. This book dates from 2013 and I hope that most of it works with Android 6 on my current phone.