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To function as part of effective decision making, a goal must
arrow  Contain a specific target
arrow  Provide a means to measure whether we are progressing toward that target


Instead of buying Kindle books on Amazon the way I used to do it, since December 11, 2017, I subscribed to Safari Books Online. My goal is to see how many books I have read from my Safari subscription and compare how much I would have paid if I had bought those books on Amazon and make my Safari subscription cost-effective. If the result is that the money paid for my subscription is the same that I would have paid to buy the books on Amazon, that would not be interpreted as cost-effective because on Amazon I keep the Kindle books that I buy and on Safari Books Online I lose the books as soon as I cancel my subscription. This means that in order to make my subcription cost-effective my expectation is that the price of the books that I ...