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What Is Decision Analysis?

And Why Should I Care?

The premise of this book is simple: there is a set of tools and ­mental ­frameworks referred to as decision analysis (DA) that can help you, your family, and the teams and groups that you work with improve your ­decision making. You don’t need to hire expensive consultants to use the tools—the concepts are not that difficult and the tools are very useful.

Here is the context I’d like you to envision: you and I have just sat down in first class seats for a three-hour plane trip. You know that I have a background in both management and DA consultatio...


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Subject Overview
To achieve goals, individuals, teams, and departments need to understand how their actions and decisions affect other parts of the company and the financial performance of the company. These lessons introduce Decision Analysis as a potential model for looking at the implications of decisions.

Lesson Introduction
You make countless personal and professional decisions throughout your day. Many are made quickly without much thought, but some do require contemplation. During this lesson, you’ll be introduced to Decision Analysis, a methodology designed to help you logically and systematically analyze situations to maximize the probability that you’ll achieve your goals...