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The people on the team are the best equipped to say what is best suited to their situation, which is why Crystal Clear leaves so many details unstated, but for the team to finalize. The reflective improvement mechanism allows them to make those adjustments.

Every few weeks, once a month, or twice per delivery cycle, the people get together in a reflection workshop or iteration retrospective to discuss how things are working. They note the conventions they will keep and the ones they want to alter for the next period, and they post those two lists prominently for the team members to see while working in the next iteration.

Whatever the frequency, meeting format, and technique used, successful teams hold this...


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The KEY to improvement is that the improvement cycle has to be designed and built by the people doing the improvement ... the Workflow-As-Code project is about furnishing open source best practice templates as scripts or free, open source workflow code that is designed to be changed, modified, adapted, improved.