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Dual-channel DDR motherboards use regular DDR sticks, although manufacturers often sell RAM in matched pairs, branding them as dual-channel RAM.


So "Dual-channel DDR" is the same as "dual-channel RAM" and the same as "Double Data Rate SDRAM" in the shop? :) Oh, ok... It seems I got it after reading few lines above: "Dual-channel DDR" exists as the technological solution made by manufacturers of motherboards, but shops sell DDR RAMs for supporting motherboards labeled as "dual-channel RAM" albeit this is the same as taking any two identical DDR sticks. Am I right? Anyway, it would be very good to read some more words about the feature "Dual-channel DDR" motherboard manufacturers introduced... It is also quite important to know where are differences between "Dual-channel DDR" and "Double Data Rate SDRAM&q...