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Edgar Codd defined the principles of relational databases in 1970. By the mid-1980s, the relational model had grown to become the dominant form of data storage. There was a good reason for this popularity: The relational model is elegant, disciplined, and robust. It is an excellent data storage and access technology.

But no matter how brilliant, useful, and mathematically sound a technology it is, it is still just a technology. And that means it’s a detail.

While relational tables may be convenient for certain forms of data access, there is nothing architecturally significan...


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Relational model is not about data storage and technology. But object-oriented guys generally have been thinking that relational model and relational database management system are the same thing. True be told. Relational model is a data structure which is independents on storage layer like disks and presentation layer like User Interfaces. Relational model is purely and perfectly logical data model expressing only data itself based on mathematical theory.