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The place to begin with any initial process analysis effort is to assure that you understand the process that is being described. This area is more complex because there are two things to consider. There are the activities that make up the process itself, and then there is the day-to-day process management issues. In essence, every process or activity should have someone who is responsible for assuring that the process or activity is accomplished. This process manager may be a team leader, a supervisor, or a manager who is responsible for several other activities including this one. It is the manager who is responsible for assuring that the process has the resources it needs, th...


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Once you have mapped the process, the next step is to identify specific ways in which the process may not be working properly. In this selection, become familiar with five major types of process problems. Then ask questions about each category to determine the causes of your process’s problems.

You’ll notice references to “process scoping diagrams” which reflects the author’s terminology for process maps.