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Creating a Business Case for a Process Change Project

To wrap up our discussion, let’s consider what is involved in creating a business case for a business process change project. Different companies have different forms or approaches, but the essence of the task reflects the Gap Model that we discussed at the beginning of this chapter and the scoping effort we undertook when we developed the project scoping diagram.



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Process improvement projects require resources such as staff time, space, and materials. So it’s important to be able to justify the effort. Learn how to define a preliminary business case to communicate to decision-makers about the potential opportunities and costs of a process improvement project.

You’ll notice a reference to a “project scoping diagram” which is not discussed in this tutorial. Instead you’ll be learning about a different approach called “process mapping” in the section on “Evaluating a Process.” You’ll also notice references to “Lean” and “Six Sigma” which are specialized process improvement methodologies. This tutorial does not provided detailed information on these approaches. Link to the source book fo...