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Blockchain Technology Is a New and Highly Effective Model for Organizing Activity

Not only is there the possibility that blockchain technology could reinvent every category of monetary markets, payments, financial services, and economics, but it might also offer similar reconfiguration possibilities to all industries, and even more broadly, to nearly all areas of human endeavor. The blockchain is fundamentally a new paradigm for organizing activity with less friction and more efficiency, and at much greater scale than current paradigms. It is not just that blockchain technology is decentralized and that decentralization as a general model c...


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Even justice applications are only just about a more equitable division of the pie ... in order, for Blockchain to extend to the NEXT level, we need to look harder at the fundamental creation of value with the MINING of "coins" ... how we employ that hashing power matters. Humans have larger computational problems to solve; there are also problems with digesting mountain ranges of raw data into valuable nuggets of useful, coherent, accessible information.