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Blockchain technology helps call out that there are at least three different levels of information. Level one is dumb, unenhanced, unmodulated data. Level two could be posed as socially recommended data, data elements enriched by social network peer recommendation, which has been made possible by networked Internet models. The quality of the information is denser because it has been recommended by social peers. Now there is level three: blockchain consensus-validated data, data’s highest yet recommendation level based on group consensus-supported accuracy and quality. Not just peer recommendations, but a formal structure of intelligent agent experts has formed a consensus about the quality and accuracy of this data. Blockchain t...


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Governments exist to protect human interactions and rights but the flaw of the state is that it must rely upon its [imperfect] monopoly on violence to coercively force people to live within the rule of law. High resolution modulation of quality, authenticity and derivation of information is what can replace violence.