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Since we want to perform Augmented Reality, we will need to have another technique to overlay the virtual content over the video view. There are different ways to do that, and the best method is certainly to use a common view, which will integrate the virtual and video content nicely. A powerful technique is to use a managed 3D graphics library based on a scenegraph model. A scenegraph is basically a data structure that helps you to build elaborate 3D scenes more easily than in plain OpenGL® by logically organizing basic building blocks, such as geometry or spatial transformations.


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Use JME to display the video, the camera view will be integrated to the 3D scenegraph. In order to achieve this, you use the following steps:

Create a project with JME support. Create the activity which sets up JME. Create the JME application, which does the actual rendering of our 3D scene.