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Chapter 10. Acceptance Testing

What’s done, is done.

—Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 3, scene 2

If it isn’t tested, it doesn’t exist.

—Anonymous agile master

We recently transitioned to agile. But all our testers quit.

—Vignette from Crispin and Gregory [2009]

Why Write About Testing in an Agile Requirements Book?

As a sanity check in preparing for this chapter, I went to my bookshelf and looked at a n...


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Traditionally, requirements were independent of their implementation and testing was not considered when identifying and managing requirements. In agile development environments, it is important to have a more systemic or holistic view. Acceptance testing is actually a critical component of agile requirements management. What were once separate activities are not part of a continuous process of refinement. As teams members who are responsible for managing requirements, developing, the product, and testing it, it is beneficial to have an understanding of how testing considerations effect requirements definition and analysis.