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Chapter 7. Stakeholders, User Personas, and User Experiences

With Pete Behrens

Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.

—Ward Cunningham, XP contributor and inventor of the wiki

In the previous chapter, we introduced the user story as the primary artifact for identifying system behaviors that deliver value to the customer. We implied that engaging a user in a dialogue about how they use the system, and what benefit they derive, is a straightforward process. And it certainly can be if your solution is already in use and you have access to those users.

But what if you are building a new app...


When developing user stories it is, of course, a good practice to involve the users and stakeholders to determine their current and future needs. If you are building a new application or service, these users and stakeholders may not be available to you. This lesson provides you with the techniques needed to identify stakeholders and gain their trust and develop personas representing the various types of users so that you can be sure that their needs are met.