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Chapter 15. The Agile Release Train

Today’s development processes typically deliver information asynchronously in large batches. Flow-based processes deliver information in a regular cadence in small batches. Cadence lowers transaction costs and makes small batches more economically feasible.

—Don Reinertsen

The original title for this chapter was to be “The Release” or perhaps “Releasing” or “Release Planning and Execution.” But none of these titles, nor others that I toyed with, communicated the essence of what I intended to communicate. Each of them implied a thing that was ...


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With traditional methodologies, a release is a huge event. That is not the case with agile development. With agile development, there should be an ongoing flow of releases in small, frequent increments—a continuous build of value added to the marketplace. In this lesson, learn how to think about releases as a train, so you can reiterate this philosophy to your team throughout the release planning process.