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Chapter 11. Scaling Agile Projects

The best way to approach large, uncertain, complex projects is to reduce the project’s size, use small teams and increase staff only as absolutely necessary, hire only highly talented and experienced people, collocate the team, and use agile methods. Unfortunately, these recommendations often conflict with today’s organizational and business realities. So, for those who aren’t able, for a variety of reasons, to follow these recommendations, the concepts and practices in this chapter should help deliver successfully when not all of these conditions are met.

There exists a scaling myth that goes something like this: “Agile development wo...


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Large agile projects present their own set of issues. It is best to try to reduce the size of the project and use small teams that are co-located. This is not always feasible though. This lesson discusses the issues that arise in large agile projects and presents techniques you can use to help minimize the risk.