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On-Site Customer

Having a customer on-site allows the exploitation of the developer as a resource by reducing downtime caused by issues. When the production of the code for a Story is halted due to an ambiguity or issue with the requirements, it can be resolved quickly. There is no need to keep an Issue Log and to hold issue resolution meetings with the customer.

On-site customers can also be shown demos of partially completed code, and they can provide fast corrective feedback to the developers. This exploits the user acceptance testing as a resource and elevates developers. The result should be higher quality, resulting in fewer defects, that will increase the overall production rate of the system.

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We need to strive to do this constantly during our sprints so we keep our WIP moving quickly. We must strive to eliminate emails and the minute a questions arises, contact the appropriate stakeholder. For the technical team that would be the product owner and if a technical integration issue the application stakeholder. But always the product owner so that i can answer the question or get the answer from the appropriate business team as quickly as possible.