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Assess Your Actual Power—Formal and Informal, Social and Professional

Once you’ve been with an organization for a while, you get a sense of the office culture: who to cultivate and who to ignore, what skills and behaviors are rewarded. At that point, you are in a position to figure out where you fit in the organizational structure. This isn’t just about what box on the flowchart has your name in it; it’s about what other kinds of leverage you bring to your workplace.

The position you hold does matter. Fifty years ago, the social psychologists John French and Bertram Raven outlined five different types of power, an outline ...


Cover of 360 Degrees of Influence


You don’t have to be a formal leader to have power in an organization. In this selection, you’ll discover that there are five different types of power, only one of which has to do with your place on the organizational chart. When you understand the types of power you do have, you can use it in positive ways to help you and your organization succeed.