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Evaluate Your Success and Follow Up

  • Evaluate the meeting
  • Conduct a self-evaluation
  • Distribute meeting notes and track commitments
  • Host a productive meeting

With the meeting nearly closed, the age-old question looms: “How can we tell if the meeting was effective?” Is success based on how much fun the participants had during the meeting? Although having fun might be a characteristic of a productive meeting, it isn’t a key metric of success.

Evaluate the Meeting


Cover of 10 Steps to Successful Meetings


During the meeting’s close, it’s vital to evaluate your meeting’s effectiveness. Assessing meeting effectiveness helps determine whether or not you achieved the meeting’s purpose so far. Evaluation also provides information that will help you conduct productive meetings in the future. Explore the meeting elements that you need to include in your evaluation, and how best to involve all participants in assessing the meeting's effectiveness.