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Our basic search looks for all the terms you have entered, across any of the fields (author, title, isbn, publisher, and text) unless you have restricted it to a single field.

If you are having difficulty finding something, it's possible you may have restricted your query too much. The rules below explain how queries may be constructed:

  • "Terms in double quotes" – the terms have to be matched in sequence to return results.
  • AND, OR, NOT. The query john OR jon matches documents containing either of the two names. The query java NOT javascript matches documents containing java and not containing javascript.
  • Parentheses ( ) are useful for grouping terms.
  • Prefix a field with a colon (:) to restrict your search to that field:
    • author:C matches authors having the initial "C" in their names (but not books about C).
    • author:"John Smith" matches authors named "John Smith" unless they have a middle name.
    • author:John Smith matches authors called “John” whose books contain the word “Smith” anywhere.
    • publisher:Bantam matches publishers called “Bantam”.
    • publisher:OReilly Media Inc (no quotes) matches publishers called “OReilly” where "Media" and "Inc" occur anywhere in the same document.
    • title:(chicken soup code) matches titles with all three words chicken, soup, and code. A book titled "Code Soup: when developers play chicken" would match, for example.
    • title:"chicken soup code" matches books with those three words in sequence such as "The Chicken Soup Code Manual".
    • publisher:OReilly text:java matches books published by oreilly having “java” in their text.

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