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Thousands of video courses, books, and conference videos on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, IT, Web Development, Design, Big Data, and Management from the best minds in technology and business.
Enterprise-class SaaS elearning and custom courses that are helping the smartest companies and teams in the world stay that way.
Our tools save you time with a steady stream of personalized chapter, course, and conference-session recommendations.

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Whether it’s the latest bestsellers, pre-publication exclusives, video courses, cutting-edge conference sessions, or timeless tech and business classics, Safari’s selection of tens of thousands of books and courses is unrivaled — and growing every day.

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Find answers and insights from experts like: Eric Ries, Tim O'Reilly, Steven Levy, Paul Deitel, DJ Patil, Ken Blanchard, Paul Graham, David Pogue, Nancy Duarte, Deke McClelland, Clay Shirky, Donald Knuth, danah boyd, Cory Doctorow, Scott Kelby, Kathy Sierra, John Gruber, Joel Spolsky, Bill Janeway, Chris Brogan, Clay Johnson, Baratunde Thurston, Martha Finney, Garr Reynolds, Steve Krug, Kate Matsudaira, Hiten Shah, and thousands more ...

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Our lightweight tools will have your team learning more right away. We also offer customized courses and Enterprise-class elearning solutions used by thousands of HR and Learning and Development professionals around the world.

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Searching and browsing is easy with Safari, and we also deliver a steady stream of personalized recommendations that help you find just the right chapter, clip, or conference session.

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